How to Save a PowerPoint Presentation as a PDF

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Saving a PowerPoint file as a PDF document can make sharing easier since it removes heavy elements such as transitions, animations, and embedded videos to make the document lightweight and print-friendly. Suppose you have been wondering how to save a PowerPoint as a PDF. There are multiple ways to do that using your Windows or Mac computer, Android or iOS devices, and an Internet-connected browser using PowerPoint for the web.

How to Save PowerPoint as PDF on Mac and Windows

The desktop version of the PowerPoint app for Windows or Mac computers has various similar options for saving a PowerPoint to PDF.

Save File as PDF to a Specified Location

The easiest method to make a PowerPoint a PDF on Windows or Mac is via File > Save As.

save PowerPoint to PDF on Windows

This will provide you with a list of places to save your file, including your computer, OneDrive account, or a location you can specify, such as your Box account or at Egnyte.

Add a place to save your PowerPoint presentation to PDF

Once you have picked a location to save your file, select PDF from the Save as type drop-down menu and select Save.

Save a PPTX file as a PDF

Print PowerPoint to PDF

Another method to save a PowerPoint such as a ppt to PDF is to go to File > Print and select Microsoft Print to PDF instead of a printer from the Printer drop-down menu.

Selecting Microsoft Print to PDF in PowerPoint to save slides as PDF

Once you have selected Microsoft Print to PDF instead of a printer device, click Print to generate your PDF file and save it to your specified location on your computer.

ready to print a PowerPoint presentation to PDF

Export PowerPoint as PDF and with Accessibility Features

You can export a PowerPoint file as a PDF with accessibility features via File > Export > Create PDF/XPS. There is also an option to Investigate Accessibility which can be used to check if the document is user-friendly for persons with disabilities.

Save PowerPoint File as PDF as Email Attachment

To instantly share your PowerPoint presentation via email as a PDF attachment, go to File > Share and select PDF.

save a PowerPoint presentation as PDF for e-mail attachment

How to Save PowerPoint as PDF on PowerPoint for the Web

PowerPoint for the web enables users to use an Internet browser to view, create, and edit PowerPoint files online. To save your PowerPoint slide deck as a PDF file, you can download or print your file as a PDF.

Download the PowerPoint File as a PDF

By going to File > Save As and selecting Download as PDF, you can download a copy of your slide deck as a PDF file using PowerPoint for the web.

download PowerPoint as PDF from PowerPoint web

Your file should instantly start downloading once you select the option mentioned above. In case the download does not start, use the onscreen Download button.

download complete in PDF from PowerPoint using PowerPoint's web interface

Print PowerPoint File as PDF

To print a PowerPoint file as PDF, go to File > Print and select Print Full Page Slides.

print a PowerPoint presentation as PDF using PowerPoint for web

Select Save as PDF instead of a printing device and click Print to save your document.

How to Save PowerPoint as PDF on Android, iPhone, and iPad

If you’re wondering how to turn a PowerPoint into a PDF document on a mobile device, such as by using the Android or iOS app for PowerPoint, below are a few easy conversion methods.

Share PowerPoint as PDF Document

You can save your presentation as a PDF file by tapping on Share and selecting Full Document from the PowerPoint mobile app.

sharing a PowerPoint presentation as PDF using PowerPoint Mobile

Print PowerPoint as PDF

Like the desktop version and PowerPoint for the web, you can also print your slides as a PDF file by tapping the three dots from the top of the PowerPoint mobile app, followed by Print. Select Save as PDF and select a location on your mobile device to save your PDF file.

printing a PowerPoint presentation as PDF using PowerPoint Mobile

How to Save PowerPoint as PDF using Third-Party Apps

With the help of third-party mobile, desktop, and web apps, you can easily convert PowerPoint presentations to PDF format.

Google Slides

If you don’t have PowerPoint and want to save a PPT to PDF, upload it to Google Slides via File > Download PDF Document.

using Google Slides to save a PowerPoint presentation as PDF

PowerPoint to PDF Conversion Apps

Numerous third-party tools can convert PowerPoint to PDF, including online PPT to PDF converters like CloudConvert, ZamZar, SmallPDF, and iLovePDF. Similarly, various apps can be used for this purpose: Adobe Acrobat, Win2PDF, SmallPDF, Wondershare PDF Element, PDF Converter by Readdle for iOS, PDF Creator – PowerPoint edition for iOS by Cometdocs, PowerPoint to PDF for Android by Cometdocs, etc. Many of these apps also come with additional features, such as the ability to lock, compress, password protect, and merge PDF files, as well as to fetch a file via Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and other cloud storage services.

using SmallPDF to convert PPT to PDF

PowerPoint’s native app can help you easily convert your presentation files using Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, or an iPad device. However, if you don’t have PowerPoint installed on your device, using Google Slides, online converters, and third-party apps can be a convenient way to convert your PowerPoint Templates to PDF files.

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