How To Insert a Calendar in PowerPoint

A handy resource for business professionals and students, adding calendars to your presentations gives an exact time frame on when tasks should be done. But instead of browsing for calendar photos online or taking screenshots of your PC’s calendar, we’ll learn how to insert a calendar in PowerPoint using its native tools. Let’s get started!

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As a first step, open the template or file you are working on. This is the file in which you shall add the calendar.

Opening the presentation file in PowerPoint
This is our start point

Next, you have to go to the File menu, click on New, and then browse for Calendars.

Depending on your Microsoft PowerPoint version, you can see something similar to this.

PowerPoint showing calendar templates
PowerPoint calendar templates available from Microsoft

Remember that some of those templates require a Microsoft 365 subscription to be downloaded. In my case, I’m going to select the Architecture Photo Calendar.

Selected template for Calendar in PowerPoint
Create menu option for the selected template

Click on Create, and the template will be downloaded. This creates a new PowerPoint file with the calendar template on it. 

Opening a calendar template in PowerPoint
This is how the calendar template should look like

Now you can ask what comes up next. Since the project is due to be made in August, I’m going to scroll all the way down to the August slide on the navigation bar. 

Preparing the calendar to be inserted in PowerPoint
Selecting the month desired for our calendar

Right-click over the slide, and a new contextual menu opens. Select the option Copy

Copying the calendar file in PowerPoint
Copying the calendar slide

Since we’re done with this file, you can simply close it or minimize it to the tray. Open up again the file in which you want to insert the calendar.

As a safety measure, create a new blank slide. To make it blank, open the Layout option next to New Slide and select Blank. This prevents PowerPoint from altering your current work if you make a mistake when pasting the calendar file.

Creating new blank slide in PowerPoint
Click first on New Slide, then Layout – Blank

Now, on the blank slide, right-click over it and select Paste with Keep Source Formatting. By doing this, the slide will be brought with the same theme as its host template.

Insert a calendar in PowerPoint
The actual insert calendar step

PowerPoint then inserts it as a new slide. Therefore, we end up with a blank slide in the middle (our safety slide).

Inserted calendar in PowerPoint
Inserted calendar with the blank slide

Remove the blank slide by right-clicking it and selecting Delete Slide.

Removing the extra slide
Removing the extra slide in the presentation

With no blank slides, what comes up next is to match the style of the calendar to the theme we have for our presentation. To achieve this, the first step is to change the strip’s color in the bottom-right section. You can change that with the Shape Fill option.

Formatting the inserted calendar in PowerPoint
Changing shape fill color

Finally, change the typeface used to integrate the calendar slide into this presentation. The rest of this presentation uses Segoe UI and Segoe UI Black (headings); hence, that will be the font used in this case.

Final result for insert a calendar in PowerPoint
Inserted + formatted calendar in PowerPoint

And that’s what the end result looks like. Now it’s your turn to apply these easy-to-follow steps for your next PowerPoint presentation.

If you want to browse for different alternatives to the Microsoft 365 templates, we invite you to discover these Calendar PowerPoint Templates by SlideModel.

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