How to Import Google Slides Themes

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Other than making presentations from scratch in Google Slides, you can use Google Slides Templates for creating presentations and also import themes from PowerPoint and existing Google Slides presentations. You can either choose to import the entire theme style or specific slides with original formatting. In this article we will learn how to import Google Slides themes into a new or existing presentation.

How to Import a Theme to Google Slides

To import a theme, go to Slide > Change Theme or click the Change Theme (Themes) option from the Google Slides toolbar.

Locating the Change Theme option in Google Slides

From the right sidebar, click Import Theme. This will enable you to either upload or use an existing theme in Google Slides.

Import them in Google Slides

Select a theme from Google Slides or go to Upload to select a theme for your current presentation. Other than Google Slides templates, you can also upload PowerPoint templates to import themes for Google Slides for your existing slide deck.

Uploading a PPT file into Google Slides

A preview of the theme will appear. Select the theme and click Import Theme.

Importing a PowerPoint theme into Google Slides

The steps mentioned above will help you import and apply the new theme in Google Slides. In case you wish to edit the theme anytime, go to Slide > Edit Theme.

Changes applied with new theme from PowerPoint in Google Slides

How to Import Slides with Existing Theme to Google Slides

To import slides from a presentation deck, go to File > Import Slides.

Import slides to use as theme in Google Slides

You can either upload a new presentation or template or select an existing deck to import slides. In the case of the latter, select the presentation deck and click Select.

Selecting which slides to import in Google Slides

In the next step, select the slides to import and ensure that the ‘keep original theme’ option is checked. Click Import Slides to import the slides to your existing presentation in Google Slides.

Keep original theme option to import slides in Google Slides

Below is an example of specific slides imported in Google Slides from another presentation deck with the original theme.

End result of importing Google Slides theme from selected slides

Importing a theme in Google Slides can help you overhaul your slide deck, as well as import certain slides with the original content and appearance. Additionally, you can always edit the Google Slides theme via Slide > Edit Theme or Change Theme to make necessary changes to your layouts and the overall appearance of the theme.

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