How to Hide a Slide in PowerPoint Presentations

One of users’ most commonly asked questions is how to hide a slide in PowerPoint since users tend to try and test different approaches for the final presentation. Instead of making multiple versions of the same presentation, we will follow a procedure similar to our article on how to hide a slide in Google Slides.

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For this tutorial’s purpose, we’ll use the Business Case Study PowerPoint Template, but you can work these same steps with any other presentation you create.

Method #1: Hide a slide in PowerPoint via right-click

The first method is very intuitive. Say we want to hide the third slide of this presentation.

selecting the slide to hide in PowerPoint
Selecting which slide to hide in PowerPoint

We right-click over the slide in question at the navigation bar and click on the option Hide Slide

how to hide a slide in PowerPoint via right-click
Hide Slide option available when right-clicking over the slide

The hidden slide will remain hidden for slideshow presentations. You can tell the slide is hidden because it looks grayed out, and the number for the slide is crossed by a bar.

appearance of a hidden slide in PowerPoint
Look at the grayed-out look of the third slide at the navigation bar

To unhide the slide, you have to right-click over it again and unselect the Hide Slide option.

unhiding a slide in PowerPoint
Unhiding a slide in PowerPoint

And the slide will be visible again, as shown below.

Slide visible again

Method #2: Hide a slide in PowerPoint via the Slide Show tab

The second option is viable when you are recording or rehearsing your presentation via the Slide Show tab, as it’s one of the available options in this Ribbon’s menu.

Start by selecting the slide you desire to hide. Switch to the Slide Show tab. In there, click on Hide Slide

Accessing Hide Slide via PowerPoint's Ribbon
PowerPoint’s Slide Show menu on the Ribbon

The slide is hidden after that step. To unhide the slide, click again on Hide Slide, and it will make the slide available for slideshow mode.

How to print a presentation in PowerPoint with hidden slides

Finally, it’s important to mention that you need to tweak some settings before printing your presentations in PowerPoint; otherwise, the hidden slides will get printed.

To quickly fix this issue, go to File and then select Print. The printing options for PowerPoint will be displayed. The first section below Settings says “Print All Slides”. That’s where you need to click and look all the way down at that contextual menu to locate Print Hidden Slides. Uncheck that option.

option for printing hidden slides in PowerPoint
Location of Print Hidden Slides in PowerPoint

And that’s how easily you can hide a slide in PowerPoint. 

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