How to Crop a Picture in Google Slides

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Some images are too large for a slide. Cropping an image to make more space for text and other slide elements can give a clean look to a slide that might otherwise appear visually overpowering due to a large image. Images in Google Slides Templates can be cropped and masked with shapes to improve your slide designs.

How to Crop in Google Slides

Before we discuss the google slides crop image functionality, let’s see how you can add images to your slides. To add an image, go to Insert > Image and add an image either from your computer, via the web, or from Google Drive, Photos, by URL or take a picture from your device camera.

Inserting an image into Google Slides

Once an image is uploaded, select the image and hit Crop Image from the top toolbar.

Accessing Crop Image in Google Slides

Select the image from any of the corners handles to drag and crop it in Google Slides. Once you are satisfied with the changes, double-click within the image to apply the changes or click the Crop Image button again.

Adjusting and crop image in Google Slides

Below is an example of an image cropped in Google Slides.

Example of a cropped image in Google Slides

How to Mask an Image in Google Slides

If you’re wondering how to crop in slides in a way that the image is masked, you can use various shapes to change the look of your image. To mask an image, select the image, click the arrow next to the Crop Image button and select a shape.

Applying a shape to create an image mask in Google Slides

The example below shows an image in Google Slides masked with an oval shape. Other than basic shapes, you can also use arrows, callouts, and equations to mask images.

Oval mask shape in Google Slides

The below image shows another version of the same image masked using a left arrow shape.

Arrow mask shape in Google Slides

Now you know how to cut out an image in Google Slides to crop or mask it using shapes. Using the above-mentioned techniques, you can make more space in your slides to accommodate additional content, as well as design slides that are visually appealing and attention-grabbing.

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