How to Create an Hyperlink in PowerPoint and Google Slides

How to create an hyperlink in PowerPoint and Google Slides

Hyperlinks are an interactive feature in PowerPoint and Google Slides. 

Some information in your slides will come in hyperlinks or links. This guide will show you how to create a hyperlink in PowerPoint to reference web pages, images, e-mails, a current slide in your document, and other files you wish to include in your presentation.

How to Insert Hyperlink in PowerPoint

You can use hyperlinks with PowerPoint to access information conveniently. In PowerPoint, you can link web pages, images, e-mails, existing filesor even another slide in your presentation.

Creating Hyperlinks for Web Pages in PowerPoint

With this feature, you can embed URLs that lead your audience directly to relevant online resources. Whether you’re citing a source, linking to further reading, or showcasing your organization’s website, this functionality adds an interactive dimension to your presentation. Not only does this increase engagement, but it also provides your audience with a tool to delve deeper into the subject matter at their own convenience.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to insert hyperlinks to web pages in PowerPoint:

1. On your slide, highlight the portion of text you want your hyperlink to be added (the anchor). For shapes like text boxes, click the border of the text box.

2. Next, go to the Insert tab. On the links group, click Link. Alternatively, right-clickand you can also find the Link option there.

Insert tab add hyperlink icon PowerPoint Ribbon.
Example of how to insert an hyperlink with PowerPoint

3. A dialog box will pop up. By default, you’ll see the Current Folder tab. On the Address portion, insert the link to the web page you want to add.

File Chooser Insert hyperlink dialog window PowerPoint - How to Insert an Hyperlink with PowerPoint
Insert an Hyperlink with PowerPoint

Important: Your highlighted text will appear in the Text to Display bar. For shapes however, << Selection in Document >> will appear.

4. Select OK.

5. Check by clicking the word or shape and see if it leads to the web page.

Link Images in PowerPoint and Other Files

The ability to link images and other files in PowerPoint adds a layer of interactivity to your presentations. Imagine presenting a new product design, and with one click on an image, you open up a detailed specification document. Or perhaps you’re conducting a seminar presentation, and a click on an infographic leads to an in-depth report. By linking images to other files in PowerPoint, you can create presentations that aren’t just linear journeys, but immersive experiences that invite exploration. This can transform your PowerPoint decks from static PowerPoint slideshows into dynamic presentations, where every image and file link can become a gateway to deeper understanding and engagement.

Here is how to link images in PowerPoint:

1. Highlight the word or object in the slide that you want to link images or files into.

2. Right-click and select Link.

Example of how to insert a link in PowerPoint
Example of how to insert a link in PowerPoint

Important: If you hover on the right arrow, you can also see the Recent Items that you’ve linked.

3. Use the Look in search bar to quickly locate your image or file on your computer. You can also link videos, word documents, excel files, and even your recent presentations.

Look in search bar to quickly locate your image or file on your computer.
Insert Hyperlink in PowerPoint

4. Once found, the file path of your image or file will appear on the Address bar.

5. Finally, click OK.

6. Check by hovering your cursor over the hyperlink. You should see the file path of your image/file. Also, click to see if it works properly.

Link to a Slide within your Presentation

The ability to link to a specific slide within your PowerPoint presentation can enhance your presentations, turning a linear slide sequence into an interactive presentation.

This feature can be particularly useful in scenarios where you’d like to refer back to earlier information or skip to specific topics based on audience responses. For instance, during a Q&A session, you could instantaneously jump back to a relevant slide to clarify a point, or in a business proposal, you could navigate directly to sections that interest your stakeholders the most.

The functionality encourages engagement and facilitates a more conversational style of presentation, adapting to your audience’s needs and interests in real-time.

You can link slides in your PowerPoint presentation using two ways:

  • via the Action buttons (Shapes)
  • through Links.

Both can be found in the Insert Ribbon.

Link a Slide via Action Buttons (Shapes)

1. From the Insert tab, click Shapes. Scroll at the bottom to find the Action buttons. Pick a design that will fit the action you want to perform. 

Insert action buttons from insert shape menu - Insert Hyperlink in PowerPoint using Action Buttons
Insert Hyperlink in PowerPoint using Action Buttons

2. After selecting, left-click and drag your mouse to draw out the Action button. When done, a dialog box will appear.

3. Enable the Hyperlink option by clicking the button next to it, then choose the appropriate action that you’ll run.

Select next slide when insert action button
Insert Hyperlink in PowerPoint using Action Buttons

Important: You can also run programs with your action button by enabling the Run program option. Click Browse to search for the program you want to run.

4. Click OK when done.

Link a Slide via Object Anchor

1. Click the object you want to insert the hyperlink into.

2. Go to the Insert tab and click Link.

3. From the main tabs, click Place in This Document. An outline of your presentation will show up. Select the slide you want to be linked to the object.

insert link to other slide in PowerPoint
Insert Hyperlink in PowerPoint using Action Buttons

4. Click OK.

Creating Hyperlinks for an Email Address

Incorporating hyperlinks for email addresses in your PowerPoint presentations can foster more immediate engagement from your audience.

By clicking on the hyperlinked email address present in your presentation slides, your audience members can easily draft an email to the specified address, eliminating the need for them to manually enter it or using copy & paste. This can be especially useful in scenarios where you want to encourage questions, feedback, or follow-up correspondence. For example, during a webinar or virtual presentation, you might link your email address to invite questions after the session. Or perhaps, in a business proposal or report, you could link the email addresses of key team members to facilitate direct communication.

Here is how to insert an hyperlink for an email address in PowerPoint:

1. Highlight the word or phrase you want to link an E-mail address into.

2. Right-click and select Link. From the main tabs, select E-mail Address.

3. Fill out the empty E-mail address and Subject fields. You can also see your recently used E-mail addresses in the box below.

Insert hyperlink with PowerPoint to point to an email address.
Insert Hyperlink with PowerPoint

4. Click OK when done.

How to Insert Hyperlinks in Google Slides

In Google Slides, hyperlinks are also called Links. You can use them to link a webpage, a file in your Google Drive, or a slide in your presentation.

Link a Web Page using Link

1. Open your presentation in Google Slides.

2. Select the object you want to link the web page into. For a word or phrase, highlight the necessary parts.

3. Go to Insert then click Link. Alternatively, right-click and select Link from the options.

Insert Hyperlink in Google Slides
Insert Hyperlink in Google Slides

Important: You can easily access this feature by pressing Ctrl+K on Windows and Cmd+K on Mac.

4. On the search bar, paste your web page link. Then select Apply.

Link a Slide in your Google Slides Presentation

Whether you’re an educator providing additional resources for further learning, a marketer directing audiences to a specific webpage, or a business professional linking to data files for more in-depth analysis, the hyperlink feature in Google Slides can help to improve your presentations, making them more interactive. You could even link to different slides within the presentation, creating a non-linear, interactive experience that lets the viewer explore the content in a way that best suits their needs. This functionality can also facilitate seamless collaboration by linking to other documents or slideshows within the Google Workspace. You can also use buttons in your Google Slides presentations and configure hyperlinks to navigate to different slides or to open external resources.

By effectively using hyperlinks in Google Slides, you can create a rich, interconnected presentation that fully utilizes the benefits of the digital medium.

How to insert an hyperlink with Google Slides? Here is how to:

1. Select the object/phrase you want your slide or file to be linked to.

2. Right-click and click Link. On the bottom of the dialog box, click Slides in this presentation.

3. Choose where your slide is located from the options. You can also pick the next, previous, first, and last slides.

Insert link to Google Slides in presentation
Insert Hyperlink in Google Slides

4. Enter the file name in the search bar for files in your Drive.

5. Check by clicking on the object/phrase if it navigates to the correct slide/file.

Final Thoughts

Those are all the methods to follow when using hyperlinks or links in your presentations. It’s a great feature to make your slides look complete and connected. Note that the formatting of the word or phrase may look different when inserting a link to it, but don’t worry as it can be easily adjusted.

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