How to Combine PowerPoint Files

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When making a PowerPoint presentation consisting of different reports, charts, and analyses, there might be a need to combine slides from other PowerPoint templates and presentations. There are different ways by which you can combine PowerPoints into one slide deck, including reusing slides from another presentation and copying them with or without the source formatting.

Method 1: Reuse Slides to Merge PowerPoint Presentations

To reuse slides from another PowerPoint presentation, go to Home -> New Slides -> Reuse Slides. Depending on your Ribbon menu settings, you might also be able to go directly to Home -> Reuse Slides.

Reusing slides to merge PowerPoint presentations

Open Browse to select the PowerPoint presentation that you wish to merge.

Browse to select a presentation

Select the PowerPoint presentation to combine PowerPoints by selecting the required slides.

Select PowerPoint presentation to reuse

You can click on the slides to add to your existing presentation or add them individually or simultaneously via the right-click context menu. 
To ensure the formatting of your slides doesn’t inherit the current presentation, check the Keep source formatting option. However, if you wish to use the formatting of the current slide deck, you can skip this option so that the imported slides adopt the theme of your current presentation.

Insert slide to reuse in PowerPoint presentation

By reusing slides from one or more PowerPoint presentations, you can merge different slides from multiple PowerPoints into one slide deck.

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Method 2: Copy Slides to Insert in a PowerPoint Presentation

Similar to how you copy Google Slides templates and slides in most other presentation applications, you can also copy your slides from one or more PowerPoint presentations to combine slides in PowerPoint.

Copy slides to merge PowerPoint presentation

Go to the PowerPoint presentation from which you wish to copy slides, hold the CTRL key, and select the slides to copy by clicking on them. Once all required slides are selected, use CTRL+C or the right-click context menu to copy the slides.

Paste slides in PowerPoint presentation to combine files

Go to the PowerPoint presentation where you wish to merge the copied slides and paste the slides using CTRL+V or via right-click menu. If you’re using the latter, you can paste slides with source formatting, without source formatting, and as standalone images.

How to combine PowerPoint presentation via copy & paste slide

Final Words

Now that you know how to combine PPT files, you can choose different slides from PowerPoint presentations and templates to include in a single presentation deck. Merging PowerPoint slides and even entire presentations by using the methods mentioned above can also save you time in reproducing frequently used slides, such as introductory slides for your organization or portfolio slides to showcase your work.

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