How to Change PowerPoint Template

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Sometimes, you might want to adapt your presentations to the design of different PowerPoint templates. Similarly, you might want to change the basic theme to a default version or switch to a theme you might have saved on your computer. Below are a few easy ways to change the PowerPoint template and theme.

How to Apply a Template to an Existing PowerPoint File

Step 1: Save Source PowerPoint File as a Template

To apply a template to an existing PowerPoint, make sure that the template that you wish to switch your design to is saved to your device. You can do this via File -> Save as and save the template as a PowerPoint presentation in PPTX format.

Saving file as PPTX

Step 2: Apply the Template to PowerPoint

When applying a template to your existing PowerPoint file, go to the Design tab and select Browse for Themes.

Browsing to change template in PowerPoint

Browse to the location where the source file is saved and select the template or theme to apply to your current PowerPoint presentation. You can also opt for downloaded templates to adapt to your current presentation. For example, you might have downloaded Google Slides templates that you might want to adapt to your current presentation. In such a case, you can select them to change the template for your PowerPoint presentation.

Select a new template file in PowerPoint

Step 3: Save Your PowerPoint with the New Template Design

Once selected, your PowerPoint will adapt to the selected template design. Needless to say, ensure your presentation with the newly applied theme is saved to your device.

Apply new template in PowerPoint

How to Save and Switch to a Theme in PowerPoint

Step 1: Save Source PowerPoint File as a Theme

Save the source PowerPoint as a theme via the Design tab by going to Themes -> Save Current Theme as a THMX file.

Save Current Theme in PowerPoint

The saved theme file can be used to apply the theme to a selected PowerPoint file anytime.

Save PowerPoint theme as a file

Step 2: Apply Theme to PowerPoint

To apply the saved theme to your current PowerPoint file, go to Design -> Themes -> Browse for Themes.

Select theme in PowerPoint

Select the theme file saved on your computer to apply it to your current presentation.

Applying selected theme into a PowerPoint file

Step 3: Save Your PowerPoint with the New Theme

Once the changes are applied, make sure you save your presentation with the new theme. Sometimes, the newly applied theme might give a different color from the colors shown in the original template you saved the theme from. In this case, you can go to Design -> Variations to select the color variation you want for your presentation.

End result of new PowerPoint theme applied

How to Change PowerPoint Theme using Design Menu

You can also change the theme for your PowerPoint presentation using a number of default options.

PowerPoint Default Themes

The Design tab in PowerPoint provides several themes. This is one of the quickest ways to give your presentation design a new look.

Change to a default PowerPoint theme

Theme Variations

You can also opt for different variations from the Design tab via the Variations menu for selected themes.

Accessing Theme Variants in PowerPoint

Format Background

To change the background color, switch the background to a gradient, an image, or a pattern, or hide the graphics of your PowerPoint theme, you can go to Format Background via the Design tab.

Working with Format Background in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Designer

If you are short of ideas and can’t seem to find a template to redesign your slides, instead of applying a template to PowerPoint, you can get instant design ideas from the Home tab or via Design -> Designer. PowerPoint Designer provides instant design suggestions based on the content of your presentation slides.

Browsing themes in PowerPoint Designer

Final Words

To adapt to the template or theme of a PowerPoint file, you can select the source file to apply the changes to your current presentation. However, if you’re simply looking to give your slides a fresh look, you can opt for default themes or variations, format the slide background, or get help from PowerPoint Designer.

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