How To Change Language in Google Slides

Many PowerPoint users also use Google Slides to present and share PPTs. While changing the proofing language is quick and easy in Google Slides, making changes to the interface requires making adjustments to your account settings.

In this article, we will explore both changing language interface and proofing language in Google Slides Themes. If you are a PowerPoint user looking for this solution, please refer to our article on how to change language in PowerPoint.

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How to Change Interface Language in Google Slides

To change the interface language for your Google Slides app, click on the profile image and select Manage your Google account.

Manage your Google Account options

Go to Personal info and Select Language to edit your preferences.

Setting the Google's account language to change language interface in Google Slides

If the language you need to use is already added, you can select it from the list or click Add another language.

Add another language in Google Slides

Select the language you wish to switch your Google account interface from the list.

Select a new language to change language in Google Slides

Google Slides, like PowerPoint, also provides different versions of the selected language to help you pick the version most suited for your needs.

Selecting the language variation in Google Slides for local dialects

Once added, you can choose to keep it as the default language by moving it to the top using the arrow button. If you only want one language, others can be deleted from the list.

Displaying languages for interface in Google Slides

After the required changes have been made, the interface for Google Slides and other Google Drive apps will switch to the new language.

How to change language in Google Slides to Spanish interface

Set Proofing Language in Google Slides

To change language in Google Slides for proofing, go to File > Language and select the desired language.

Set proofing language in Google Slides

Once the new proofing settings are enabled, you will notice that your spelling and grammar suggestions will start appearing in the new language.

Spell and grammar check in Googles Slides after changing language

A change in interface and proofing language for a PPT can have certain advantages and disadvantages. For example, frequently changing the interface or frequently proofing language can be tedious and affect your management of other documents across your Office suite or Google Drive. Sometimes, certain features are also restricted to specific regions, affecting how you can use or view region-restricted templates and new features rolled out by PowerPoint or Google Slides. However, if you work in multiple languages, switching to a different language can help you create and deliver presentations with a more personalized touch in native languages for different audiences.

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