Download Free Vision and Mission Business PowerPoint Template

  • High Resolution Image of Path
  • Timeline Presentation of Company
  • PowerPoint Business Vision and Mission
  • PPT Dartboard for Objectives
  • Tree Illustration of Growth in Business
  • Strategic Management and Plan Laptop View
  • Circular Diagram of Infographic Icons
  • 3 Steps Hexagonal Diagram Design
  • Slide of Company Presentation Overview
  • Gears Presentation for Analysis
  • Company Presentation Last Slide

The Free Vision and Mission Business PowerPoint Template is a business presentation template that could assist to describe the Company’s Mission and Vision as well to explain the purpose, goals, and objectives of an organization. Both profit and non-profit companies can take advantage of this free mission and vision PowerPoint template. It uses a blue color theme while displaying information graphically. This is a commonly used presentation theme for companies, especially for technology products and services. However, the customization features of Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides enable the users to change the color and background of theme. Further, this template contains 11 free slides which embody the essence of company’s core values and its agenda. These slides visually demonstrate following business concepts:

  • Inception timeline
  • Mission & Vision
  • Main objectives
  • Company growth
  • Company plan
  • Marketing plan
  • Overview
  • Statistics

The Free Vision and Mission Business PowerPoint Template provides various layout designs. For example, the first slide shows a high-resolution image as a presentation starter. The timeline format is a 6 steps horizontal process flow diagram. Whereas, the mission and vision slide presents a comparison of both terms inside hexagonal PowerPoint shapes. The mission statement defines company’s business, its objectives, and approach to meet those objectives. The vision, on the other hand, defines desired future of the company. This template further illustrates all the business terms with flat vector clipart icons. For instance, dartboard and darts for objectives, tree of icons for growth, gear process for statistical analysis. The presentation also contains 3 and 4 segment templates for strategic plans and additional overview slide.

The free business PowerPoint template of vision and mission provides text placeholders as bullet points with infographic icons. In this way, the presenter can explain any topic or concept with the relevant infographics. These infographics enable the audience to connect text with an image which can help in remembering the information.


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