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CATWOE Analysis Free PowerPoint Template

The Free CATWOE Analysis Slide Template for PowerPoint is a creative slide for presenting a CATWOE analysis report. CATWOE is an acronym for Customers, Actor, Transformation Process, World View, Owner, Environment Constraints. It is a problem-solving or decision-making approach that considers the impact of a business change on every stakeholder or other element of the business. By preparing this document before implementing a new change to the system, professionals can consider how various components will be affected overall. Also, it can align the functioning of these units if they would have commonly agreed goals. This free PowerPoint template can help users prepare a thorough yet communicative CATWOE report in a few simple steps.

This CATWOE Analysis template slide has six vertical color-coded segments, each carrying a title, description area, and infographic icon. On the bottom line, the first letter alphabet of the headings is arranged in attractive circles. This effect creates a decorative look and makes the slide easy to comprehend. The meaningful infographic icons used in respective sections make this free CATWOE template engaging. So, this Free CATWOE Analysis Slide Template for PowerPoint is ideal for showcasing the key elements of a business start-up or change, as it defines:

  • Customers: Who will be directly affected or react to the action(business or change)?
  • Actors: Who are involved in carrying out the change?
  • Transformation Process: What is the methodology and input/outputs of the system?
  • World View or Weltanschauung: What is the larger perspective of the change or business impact?
  • Owner: Who are the people who are ultimately responsible for the transformation and impact?
  • Environment Constraints: What are the environmental limitations that can impact your process?

By creating these statements, everything about taking a new initiative is quite clarified. So, download this free Google Slides template and prepare your presentations in just a few steps. You can choose between the two background color variants of this free CATWOE Analysis PowerPoint template and customize them using PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote. Further, you can make any changes to this 100% editable PPT design, i.e., color scheme, fonts, and arrangements.


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