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The Free Business Plan Diagrams PowerPoint Templates are infographic tools for corporate presentations. These templates use descriptive diagrams with catchy images to explain various business models. The diagrams include pyramid, vertical hierarchy, process cycle, and 4 steps segmented slide layout. The users can choose slides for presentations like project proposal, company profile, marketing strategy etc. Because these diagrams will impress audience with colors and design while effectively conveying important information. Originally, all four diagrams contain separate concept models. These include:

  1. Business Model – 6 segmented hexagon in a triangular shape
  2. Sales Distribution – 5 segments of process and subprocesses
  3. Problem-solving – 6 steps process cycle
  4. Company History – 4 segments infographic diagram

The Free Business Plan Diagrams PowerPoint Templates are a creative alternative of SmartArt and built-in shapes. However, the first slide of this business template could be used as cover for many presentations. These free PowerPoint slides can benefit many professional in range of industries to design strategic planning layouts. Since it is a generic PowerPoint template and could adjust to any presentation with few modifications.

The business plan diagrams are fully editable set of infographic segments. The users can customize colors, gradient shades, and add effects. Furthermore, the diagrams contain pre-defined textual content which can assist presenters to understand concept based on their perspective.


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