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Urine Color Chart Slide Template for PowerPoint

Edit our Urine Color Chart Slide Template for PowerPoint to present the urine test reports clearly and comprehensively. Urine color is often checked to see how well-hydrated a person is. Some certain medicines and foods can change the color of the urine. This color change can also result from an infection or a physiological problem related to the liver or kidneys. So, a urine color test is a good indicator to identify these issues. The urine color chart template helps professionals display the urine color test findings and explain the significance of hydration. Moreover, users can utilize this template for education purposes in classes and training sessions. We have created this chart template using 100% editable PowerPoint elements. There are different uses of this template:

  • Medical professionals can use this urine chart template to showcase the results of the urine color test to their patients. 
  • Professors can utilize the template to educate their students about the importance of hydration and their identification test related to urine color. 
  • Biology students can use this template to create amazing class presentations about urinalysis. 

Our Urine Color Chart Slide Template for PowerPoint consists of five slides. The first slide contains a urine color chart diagram showing a vial with color gradation labeled with respective hydration levels. The second slide also helps professionals display the chart in a different layout. The slide three diagram contains five urine containers with samples, and editable rectangular text boxes are provided below each container to demonstrate the necessary details about the patient. The slide four and five show a single individual specimen container with specific lab results. This urine color chart template is compatible with all PowerPoint versions, Google Slides, and Keynote. The users can change the shapes and effects used in this PPT slide template and utilize the textboxes to mention the relevant details about the topic. So, download this creative PowerPoint template and try it now! Alternatively, you can download other PPT templates and slide designs for PowerPoint & Google Slides.

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