SWOT Template for PowerPoint

SWOT Analysis Template Thin Design
SWOT Matrix With Positive Negative and Internal External Boundaries
Thin Design SWOT Matrix with Quadrants Boundaries
SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template Strengths Highlight
Weaknesses Highlight SWOT Analysis Template
SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template Opportunities Highlight
SWOT Analysis Template PPT Thin Design

The SWOT Template for PowerPoint is a simple design, created with lines and a bold title, showing the SWOT Matrix, with explicative titles for each of its quadrants. In the outside borders, the matrix describes the sentiment of the factors (Negative and Positive) and their position within the analysis boundary (internal, external).

SWOT Analysis is one of the most powerful and widespread management techniques applied in modern organizations. It’s popularity is based on two pillars:

  1. The ease of use. The SWOT framework is based on the premise of multidisciplinary conversations between stakeholders of the organization. The selected team of analysts will identify the Strengths, Weaknesses of the organization and the Threats and Opportunities of the surrounding environment. The Analysis process is not guided, providing analysts to freely define their own factors and discuss them with the team, through their point of view.
  2. The applicability in the strategic planning process of the powerful insights extracted in the conclusions. Generally, the SWOT Analysis is one of the inputs of the Strategic Planning process of the organization. The insights derived from the factors are crucial to understand the current strategic positioning of the organization and which strategies replace or correct.

Using a swot analysis template during the analysis, not only provides several benefits for online documentation, but also, it forces the team to write down the factors and conclusions in a way that is easily presentable.

All the elements of the SWOT Template are created with PowerPoint objects, allowing the user to fully customize its appearance.

Impress your audience with a modern, minimalistic thin line design SWOT Analysis Template PPT.

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