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SWOT Analysis Template Deck – SWOT is the acronym for the words Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The SWOT Analysis is a widespread management tools used for strategic planning. Its popularity is based on its simplicity and power.

The SWOT Analysis consists of an iterative process where stakeholders list and analyze internal and internal factors of the organization that may empower or harm the organization’s business objectives. The Internal Factors of the SWOT Analysis are the Strengths and Weaknesses. Both dimensions are themselves a result of the organization’s capabilities and inabilities. The External Factors dimensions are the Opportunities and Threats. These dimensions are result of the environment being studied. Generally, strategic planning intends to classify strengths to potentiate opportunities , while at the same time improves weaknesses in order to mitigate threats.

The SWOT Matrix dimensions can also be studied from the positive and negative point of view. Strengths and Opportunities are positive factors while the Weaknesses and Threat are Negative factors. Taking into account these points of view provides the analysts tools to better communicate findings in order to avoid conflict of interests or erosion of relationships, mainly when treating negative factors.

SWOT Analysis Template Deck is a modern PowerPoint Presentations, created with a flat design. It provides an initial slide with a SWOT Matrix, decorated with PowerPoint Icons and combined with proper text placeholders for the user to replace with its content. The following slides are intended for the user to include detailed descriptions of each of the SWOT factors. The Factor being discussed is highlighted, while the rest remains greyed out. The details design follows a two tile vertical structure. The left tile contains the SWOT factors diagram, while the right tile contains the paragraphs for detailed description.

Users can quickly prepare a SWOT Analysis presentation with the SWOT Analysis Template Deck, just replacing the text placeholders with their content. All the PowerPoint shapes and Icons are 100% editable. The presenter can include this SWOT Model in an existing presentation theme; automatically PowerPoint will adapt colors and style to the presentation active theme.

Impress your audience with professional SWOT Templates that appeal to executives.

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