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SWOT Analysis Presentation for PowerPoint

Presenting the SWOT is made more accessible with our SWOT Analysis Presentation for PowerPoint. SWOT analysis is a primary tool in strategic planning that figures out the actual situation of a business, company, or project. In this technique, the professionals look for the following:

  • Strengths(S): the potential of the working teams, resources, capabilities, strategies, risk mitigation plans, backup 
  • Weaknesses(W): lacking features, incapabilities to tackle the impending risks, recessive growth potential
  • Opportunities(O): achievable competitive goals, market target, growth & expansion options
  • Threats(T): impending competitive threats, possible infrastructure or financial losses, misalignment of the team members

By looking at each of these parameters, executives can look into their plans from a broader perspective. In addition to business and project management, the SWOT analysis is used in education, scientific or medical fields, and motivational training. So, we have created this easy-to-edit SWOT analysis presentation template for our users to apply in multiple use cases. They can easily customize the slides using PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote. 

This SWOT Analysis Presentation for PowerPoint begins with a title slide divided into a 2×2 matrix layout. These quadrants represent the four phases of SWOT. The relevant infographic icons are added to these sections, such as a power arm sign for strengths, a breaking pin for weaknesses, a diamond symbol for opportunities, and a small firework bubble icon for threats. The icons are colored corresponding to the text color used for individual headings in the segments. Following the first slide, this SWOT analysis template features individual slides to discuss the four parameters. These individual slides have a modern design and carry a relevant placeholder image with the icon and title arranged like a banner. Below this image, three text columns mention the presentation points. 

The purpose of creating separate slides for the SWOT parameters is to enhance presentation efficiency. Presenters can now explain each title with increased focus; likewise, the audience can stay better with the topic. This featured PowerPoint template is ideal for presenting the SWOT analysis, and the diagram can be incorporated into other business presentations. Download and personalize this template now!

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