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SWOT Diagram Model in iPad Clipart
Portrait Template of iPad SWOT
Infographic Slide of SWOT Diagram

The unique template of SWOT Analysis in iPad screen illustration is an amazing business analysis presentation. The set of tools in this presentation are the components of SWOT analysis i.e. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This PowerPoint is useful for managers, leaders, trainers, academic professionals and students to explain competitive advantages theories. The factors of SWOT are the basic elements for every improvement model. This business model diagram is one of the best methods to explore new ventures in a summarized format. It helps the audience to analyze complex analysis with graphic visual and key information points, providing a summarized context. For example, demonstrating the strategic plan and allow the team to brainstorm their ideas and provide insights to problem solving. Such as, building strengths, minimizing weaknesses, exploit opportunities and eliminate threats.

The SWOT Analysis in iPad is a three-slide template of variant designs using an iPad screen clipart. The first slide has both landscape horizontal and the portrait vertical view of presentation. However, the last layout has the four sections with the title bar of infographics. These infographics include a man weight lifting, key, heavy weight lift, and bomb. The iPad clipart has a tag shape icon with Apple brand icon for its SWOT analysis. This PowerPoint is a plain design for popular management practices to make an extensive use of SWOT. It helps display the critical aspects of product or service and make informed decisions based on given information.

A simple PowerPoint template diagram for SWOT Analysis has shapes, icons, clipart which are 100% editable. For instance, change the blue-green color theme of SWOT model by selecting from the shape fill color pallet. Similarly, the icons representing the SWOT components are also customizable. The users can change their size, color or move and replace the infographic. Moreover, this PowerPoint template is usable in presenting sales and marketing data with minor edits.

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