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Efficiently convey your ideas using an impressive visual communication tool with the Sustainable Creative Economy PowerPoint Diagram. A sustainable creative economy aims to take advantage of unique characteristics of the creativity in different aspects of a community.  Mostly, it concerns cultural, media as well as functional innovations. The creative industries help the economic growth in partnership with the growing tourism industry in many countries. Different cultures from different countries highlight distinctive qualities in people, places and experiences which draw awareness and interest.  As a result, this industrial framework of culture directly and indirectly boosts the economy’s growth. It generates job directly to the entities that provide the cultural highlight and also provides jobs in hotel and other accommodation industry, food industries as well as travel and transportation industry.

In addition, the creative economy, through arts and media, offers more value to products and services. With the collaboration of the widely accessed information traffic, creativity can fuel value into existing brands while it boosts the new and upcoming ones. This works by creating accessible contents that have value to different type of people who are collectively a target market for a lot of products. The great thing about this concept is that contents can widely vary to harbor interest from different types of people.  Whether written, videos, photos or anything accessible in print or in digital format, creative contents can spark interests. Emotional as well as intellectual interests are the main capital in building relationships to the target market. This process develops and ultimately enables the brand to benefit from a good market relationship. For example, a rapper can build a good market relationship by giving out free music online. This may sound ridiculous because music is the rapper’s main product. On the other hand, the rapper doesn’t necessarily have to give all his records for free. Also, once he established a good relationship with his audience, he can expect profits from a sold out concert, biography book, t-shirts, caps and other merchandise.

This PowerPoint template is the perfect tool in visually stimulating the audience’s comprehension of Sustainable Creative Economy. It efficiently communicates the idea on its own and can be more dynamic with the use of other shapes in our Creative Layouts gallery. The presenter can describe the analysis of a current creative economy, or can guide the audience in to the different stages of a new analysis.

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