Strategic Innovation Cube Template for PowerPoint

Strategic Innovation Cube Template for PowerPoint– Strategic Innovation Cube was designed by Kiriti Rambhatla who believed that innovation is the key to product development. The cubic model is a result of combined science and management concepts. Demonstrate enlightening notions with this set of creative objects.

Business marketing and scope are greatly influenced by a company’s ability to build new changes to their products. Innovation is the process of creating these new changes- a new method, idea, product, etc., as defined in Google. The cubic model aims to strategize the weighing of the risks that accompany this process. Assuring the return on investment is an objective as well. As an effect, the chances that production cost can decrease, rises.

The slide designs feature a cube with 3 arrows that point in different directions. These arrows symbolize the opposing forces between a protons, neutrons and electrons. In comparison, they can represent 3 subjective innovation factors. In this particular PowerPoint template, they are namely Market, Technologies and Product, as shown in some slides. Like an atom that is given a corresponding charge, the user can assign quantitative ‘charges’ to the factors. The smaller cube can move around in the semi-transparent larger cube in accordance to the solution of the Innovation Quotient (IQ). When the company has calculated all the risk, it is time that it can apply their analysis to its innovation.

Adapting this particular PowerPoint design can bring forth witty presentations. It is simple but classy. The template is especially made for high quality Strategic Innovation Cube reports. It can be used to innovative analysis on business, personal and many other concepts. All texts are fully customisable which means the user can alter the sample factor titles found in the slides. The cubes can be adjusted to fit the presenter’s functional specifics using PowerPoint objects.

Advance the knowledge of the audience using the creative Strategic Innovation Cube Template for PowerPoint. Appeal to them through this amazing business scheme. The SlideModel gallery offers more downloadable Business PowerPoint Templates for Presentations.

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