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PowerPoint Infographic Template Slide for STEEPLE Analysis
Editable STEEPLE Analysis Charter
Color Highlighted Slide for Social Factor
STEEPLE Analysis Template - Technological Factor Slide
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STEEPLE Analysis Charter Slide Template for Ethical Factor
Political Factor Slide in STEEPLE Analysis Template
Legal Parameter Color Highlight in STEEPLE Analysis Template
Spotlight on Environmental Factor - STEEPLE Analysis Template

The STEEPLE Analysis PowerPoint Template is an analysis charter to discuss the effect of external factors on the current marketing strategies and business position. STEEPLE or PESTEL analysis is the variant of PEST analysis with the additional aspects of ethical, legal, and environmental. So, STEEPLE analysis provides a more in-depth overview of the parameters which affect the business in different ways. Using this audit data, specific changes in action plans and strategies are made. The positive aspects are focused on, while the negatives are ruled out through strategy implementation. This PowerPoint template presents a charter for such factors and relevant details. It can be used in presentations of market research, change management, or strategic analysis.

The STEEPLE is an acronym of seven words that are meant to mention distinct ideas, i.e.,

  • Social: This factor traces the demographic details and represents the specific effects on marketing and business processes.
  • Technological: Professionals analyze the technical factors to consider advancements and their possible application in the company.
  • Economical: This factor refers to the overall economic changes in the country, which affect the business in multiple ways
  • Ethical: The ethical factors like culture, morality, and integrity of the staff are analyzed, and positive changes are introduced to encourage a healthy working environment.
  • Political: Various political parameters like taxation laws and workplace regulations are considered, which helps in strategy formulation.
  • Legal: This factor counts on the policies related to the business and helps make changes to the business policies in the future.
  • Environmental: It is the exclusive factor for STEEPLE analysis. It considers the physical changes in the environment that can impact the activities and workflow.

The STEEPLE Analysis PowerPoint Template is a 7×3 table with each column having a unique color. On the first slide, each column represents the alphabets of STEEPLE along with their full-form, graphic icon, and text area in the three rows. The users can use the second slide for writing general descriptions of all the factors. The following slides color highlight each factor one by one, i.e., one factor is shown colored on each slide while the rest are grey. This way, presenters can discuss each parameter separately. Further, all different template components are 100% editable using PowerPoint and Google Slides. So, download this creative template from SlideModel and prepare an interactive presentation for your business meeting!

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