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Templates of Starfish Retrospective Sticky Notes
Flat Presentation of Sprint Starfish Retrospective

The Starfish Retrospective PowerPoint Template is a mind map diagram depicting starfish. It is a visual template for one of the sprint retrospective meeting approach. This presentation displays sticky notes to describe team’s recent efforts on the project. It is a 5 steps diagram depicting five tentacles of starfish labeled as Keep doing, Start Doing, Stop doing, Less of, and More of. These are the pre-define categories that help team members to assess their last milestone. The five categories will help keep on track when discussing performance of previous milestones.

The starfish retrospective is a frequently used tool to exchange ideas. The star-shaped diagram classifies aspects of team collaboration into five categories. This technique is introduced by Patrick Kua to reflect upon activities. Instead of discussing what went well or not and listing the actions, starfish method helps provide specifics. It not only helps analyze practices that generate value but also understand how individuals perceive these values. This retrospective approach is an extension of the traditional agile and scrum method introduced by Norm Kerth for project retrospective.

The Starfish Retrospective enables teams to organize their thoughts in five sections for brainstorm meetings. These five categories of starfish retrospective describe the following:

  • Keep doing: what brings value to the project and activities and should continue to do.
  • Less of: The practices that need to be refined further as they are not helpful or productive.
  • More of: The practice that has produced good results such as new technologies and has potential to maximize performance.
  • Stop doing: The elements that do not bring value or even cause a decline in performance.
  • Start doing: New ideas that have worked in a similar situation and might want to try.

The starship retrospective PowerPoint template use sticky notes design to add key information in placeholders. A presenter can resize or move the sticky notes according to session requirements. The two slide versions of starfish retrospective will let users incorporate it into an existing presentation theme.

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