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Stakeholder Engagement Matrix Template for PowerPoint
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The Stakeholder Engagement Grid Matrix PowerPoint Template is a technical diagram to showcase different stakeholder groups based on their Power and Interest characteristics. The stakeholders are the entities directly affected by the business activities, and without their existence, the company can not exist. The most common stakeholders are customers, management staff, investors, etc. Based on their roles, the stakeholders can be internal (owners, staff) and external (clients, investors, suppliers). This power-interest stakeholder assessment matrix distributes these influential bodies into four groups, i.e.,

  • High Power – High Interest (Directors, Analysts, Executive, CEO)
  • High Power – Low Interest (Clients, Promoters, Regulatory Officers)
  • Low Power – High Interest (Supplier, internal users, developer, tester, coach)
  • Low Power – Low Interest (helpdesk support, system administrator)

The power factor in this distribution counts how much a particular stakeholder dictates over the actions, e.g., order and decision-making capacity. In contrast, the interest shows either a stakeholder is taking interest or attention to the activities performed. Hence, using this stakeholder engagement diagram, professionals can classify their stakeholders based on their specifications.

This stakeholder engagement grid is a 4×4 matrix representing the increasing power and interest factors along the y and x-axis, respectively. The two lower square sections represent the low power and high/low interests. Similarly, the two upper segments showcase the high power and high/low-interest stakeholders. The circular core element of this stakeholder engagement matrix template shows the title.

For easier interpretation, the four sections of this gird are colored differently, e.g., grey, blue, green, and red. These squares contain a ribbon title bar to mention the characteristic distribution title and designation names of the stakeholders with symbols. Presenters can add or remove these stakeholder positions or arrange them as internal and external along the two sides of the ribbon. This way, the whole stakeholder engagement matrix becomes a comprehensive report. In the following slides, each segment is highlighted one by one. This spotlight effect makes the Stakeholder Engagement Grid Matrix PowerPoint Template more engaging and informative. So, download this editable PPT stakeholder engagement matrix to communicate your power-interest classification of your stakeholders before the audience. Alternatively, you can download other matrix templates for PowerPoint presentations and Google Slides.

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