Sources of Power in Organizations PowerPoint Templates

10 Steps Organization Power Styles
Presentation of Legitimate Power Source
Presentation of Expert Power Source
Presentation of Formal Power Source
Presentation of Referent Power Source
Presentation of Coercive Power Source
Presentation of Reward Power Source
Presentation of Informational Power Source
Presentation of Connection Power Source
Presentation of Political Power Source
Presentation of Charismatic Power Source

Sources of Power in Organizations PowerPoint Templates is an organizational behavior management presentation. It provides an overview of 10 power sources in any organizational hierarchy. This PowerPoint diagram has a circular process cycle design with infographic clipart icons. These icons visually represent types of power aling with text placeholders. Apart from the overview slide, there are 10 more slides to focus on each type individually. The Bases of Power is an article published by John French and Bertram Raven that classified power in an organization. These are:

  • Formal Power: Based on rank
  • Legitimate Power: Based on structural position
  • Expert Power: Power that comes with expertise, special skills, or knowledge in a particular area
  • Referent Power: Drive from respect and admiration for someone to please them
  • Coercive Power: Influencing people via threats or punishments
  • Reward Power: Influence with rewards
  • Informational Power: Who has access or control over information
  • Connection Power: Gaining favors
  • Political Power: From support of a group
  • Charismatic Power: Influential personality

The proper or improper use of power drives success or failures, high or low productivity, motivation or discouragement. Therefore, this concept of power in management covers different power styles and their optimum use. Because power style affects organizational environment, productivity, leadership, and individual independence.

The PowerPoint templates of power in organization can describe multiple sources and their links to leadership styles. Circular diagram will give a perspective view of how to manage and control power for benefit of organization. A presentation on sources of power in organization has components of organizational and personal bases of power. You can download the template to discuss viable power styles for business. Likewise, showcase leadership and influential ideas depending on organizational culture and work demand.

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