SMART Goals for Balanced Scorecard PowerPoint Template

Slide for SMART Goals of Financial Perspective
PPT Template Slide for Customer Perspective
PowerPoint Slide for Process Perspective SMART Goals
PPT Slide - Smart Goals for Learning & Growth Perspective

The SMART Goals For Balanced Scorecard PowerPoint Template is a creative layout to present your goals and gather the data to construct a balanced scorecard. A balanced scorecard monitors the activity, progress, and alignment of business processes with the pre-defined strategy of the organization. SMART is an acronym of Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.

The present template is part of the Balanced Scorecard creation process. The user will define objectives for each of the BSC views. For that process, it will apply the SMART Goals framework.

The balanced scorecard is a comprehensive tabulated report of activities during a business process while keeping specific goals (SMART Goals). It has four strategy-based perspectives: Financial, Customer, Process, and Learning. A progress track of these goals is prepared and presented through this SMART Goals template.

In this template, there are four slides, one for each perspective. On each slide, there are five rows representing the five characters of SMART (i.e., Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely) Goal.

The project managers will consult with this chart of SMART goals and then prepare the document of the balanced scorecard template. The SMART Goals For Balanced Scorecard PowerPoint Template will help the users to:

  • Set the goals and define them thoroughly
  • Tell how the progress of the goal is and will be measured
  • Describe how this goal is relevant to the strategic plan of the company
  • Decide a specific time limit and the deadline for the completion of the goal

By mentioning all the points on these slides, the presenters can discuss these ideas with their employees. This will, in turn, channel the whole process for catching up with the targets specified by the strategic business plan. The colors used in the tables are all editable, and users can change them according to your theme. The graphic icons used in this PowerPoint Template are replaceable, and users can use them as per their choice. The template is editable on any version of PowerPoint and Google Slides.

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