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Skip Level Meeting PowerPoint Template

The Skip Level Meeting PowerPoint Template provides a set of professional slides for a skip level meeting Bootstrap PowerPoint Template. A skip level meeting is a one-on-one session of the upper management staff with not directly managed members. This meeting is arranged to discuss performance checks and guide improvement strategies and plans. So, we created this skip level meeting PPT template for our users to make this process easier and faster. You can download and add your relevant description and data to prepare an influential meeting presentation.

The first slide of the skip level template is a cover slide representing the title and a forward symbol to support the topic (skip level) visually. Professionals can display the pictures of team members or the board of directors using the second slide. The following slides are about:

  • How to improve it? There are three text boxes in this slide: 1- What we do well? 2- What are we not doing well? 3- How can we improve? Using these sections, managers can demonstrate a clear image before the employees about the performance and improvement points.
  • Task List: This 4×5 matrix charter helps organize the tasks to be done. It shows the strategies across the columns and the tasks along the rows of the matrix diagram.
  • Roadmap Slide: It divides the time duration into smaller achievable milestones. This representation guides the members to stay goal-oriented meanwhile successfully meeting the deadlines.

Presenters can edit each component of these template slides to prepare the presentation. For instance, users can prepare a custom roadmap slide showing various project phases. Similarly, the matrix charter and team slide can be adjusted accordingly.

Hence, by using these skip-level meeting slides, executives or managers can sum up the whole agenda of the meeting. The Skip Level Meeting PowerPoint Template is thus a straightforward approach to showcase the key takeaways of the meeting, which include task assignments and milestones, etc. Users can thus download this skip-level presentation template and customize it individually for multiple one-on-one meetings. These PPT slides are also compatible with Google Slides and Keynote. So, presenters can grab these skip-level meeting slides to structure a to-the-point presentation before team members.

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