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The Six Leadership Styles template for PowerPoint provides a visual representation of Daniel Goleman’s six leadership styles. The concept is beyond beneficial for project managers and business owners. It helps them create a brief analysis and directly correlate the leadership effects on people and situations. Likely, leaders need to be able to switch leadership approaches as the context requires it.

The leadership template has seven (7) slides. Each slide depicts the leadership style designed in beautifully created colored charts. The high-quality editable PowerPoint elements suit the template for corporate demonstrations.

Here are the Six Leadership Styles of Daniel Goleman’s model:

  1. Commanding demands immediate compliance. This style works best in a crisis or with problematic people.
  2. Visionary mobilizes people toward a vision. This style works best when a clear direction or change is needed.
  3. Affiliative creates emotional bonds and harmony. This style works best to heal team rifts or motivate people in stressful times.
  4. Democratic builds consensus through participation. This style works best to create harmony or get input.
  5. Pacesetting expects excellence and self-direction. This style works best to get quick results from a highly competent team.
  6. Coaching develops people for the future. This style works best when helping people and building long-term strength.

Six Leadership Styles for PowerPoint breaks down the leadership style that fits a different situation. Check more leadership PowerPoint Templates in the gallery. Alternatively, you can download other leadership 6 by 6 template designs for PowerPoint and Google Slides.

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