Simple Science Diagram Design for PowerPoint

Science Diagram Design with Hexagons
PowerPoint Icons Featuring Science and Lab Metaphors

The Simple Science Diagram Design for PowerPoint can be used to create helpful presentations for any type of science report. Impress corporate audiences with the trendy, minimalist design of the PowerPoint slides. The template design contains a hexagon diagram resembling a beehive illustration.

The PowerPoint template can be used to show a set of elements in the slide related to science or laboratory. These can include five connected components each illustrated by a hexagon. There are seven hexagonal shapes in total, with five containing minimalist icons, and two containing text placeholders. The hexagons are arranged in a bee hive pattern, with several shapes connected by the edges.

Also included in the PowerPoint template is a set of eight minimalist icons. These include symbols for laboratory equipment, such as beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks, round bottom flasks, test tubes and a microscope. The three remaining symbols on the PowerPoint slide represent structures, such as the DNA double helix, the electron field and the molecular structure of an element or compound.

The laboratory apparatus can be used to represent the different tools and equipment needed in a marketing research. The presenter can emphasize the containment, reactions, and observations related to the plan or report by using these generic icons. The structures, on the other hand, can be used to show the composition and identity of the various components featured on the presentation.

Ideal for presenting several elements of a business plan in an easy summary structure, the Simple Science Diagram Design for PowerPoint can be used in any type of business presentation. The PowerPoint template can be reused for other types of reports. The presenter can fully customize the contents of the presentation design so they can be edited to the presenter’s needs and preferences.

The presenter can also download other PowerPoint templates from the Gallery, such as the Test Tube Shapes for PowerPoint.

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