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PPT 2 Level Funnel Chart Diagram
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Presentation of Marketing Funnel 6 Steps Diagram
Presentation of 6 Steps Sales Process Funnel Diagram

Simple Multi-level Funnel Template for PowerPoint is a selection of layouts for 6 steps funnel chart. These slides are a useful visual aid for depicting multiple stages in the process towards one goal. Funnels are progressive reduction of material as it passes through various steps. This concept is commonly used to describe sales and marketing processes such as lead generation, customer journey, and sales campaigns. Similar to a real-life funnel that is used to process fluids and filter impurities, the business funnel filters unconcerned customers. Another example of a funnel chart presentation is to visualize a company’s sales process from customer’s query to fulfilling orders.

The PowerPoint funnel chart diagrams show process flow in four blocks. The labels pointing to multiple levels of the funnel help group stages and the connected process. Presenters can use a Simple Multi-Level Funnel Template for PowerPoint to depict sales process, market funnel, lead generation. By grouping levels of funnel charts, users can also discuss multiple funnel processes such as lead funnel to sales funnel strategy. The last two levels can present pre-sale and post-sale actions such as customer service and feedback.

Adding Funnel Chart template slides to sales & marketing presentations enables users to describe an analysis of business processes. A multi-level funnel-shaped diagram template makes it easier to follow steps and stages in the process with a clear outcome at the end stage. Audience extract flow of process down to the final stage. The modern layout of multi-level funnel PowerPoint diagram provides an eye-catching blue and white color scheme. Users can customize their present process flow diagrams. Each level of diagram portrays a declining ratio, demonstrating the filter process. Professionals in digital marketing field can benefit from the presentation of funnel chart to discuss how target customers are led into the funnel and end up in sales.

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