Shared Vision PowerPoint Template

Shared Vision PowerPoint Template – Create professional presentations involving the shared vision concept. The Shared vision term is used under different business management situations. The most commons are Conflict Resolution and Leadership.

In the management literature, Peter Senge, in his book “The Fifth Discipline” describes the concept of building a shared vision as as a practice of unearthing shared pictures of the future that foster genuine commitment and enrollment rather than compliance. This definition can be simplified with the idea of “team vision”. Managers traditionally have a vision that is shared with their teams; a Shared Vision is not the vision of management transmitted to employees, but the collaboration of the team and management in creating a vision that generates real commitment to common goals.

Shared Vision Modelling is useful in multi stakeholder conflict resolution scenarios. The parts in conflict collaborate through design and negotiation into the creation of a shared vision, instead of imposing each parts visions. The process of building a shared vision generates a common language about the resources issues among parties.

The Shared Vision PowerPoint Template provides professional PowerPoint shapes representing groups of employees executives. This Silhouettes are paired with callouts to describe the parties individual vision. In the following slides, the template provides combined collaboration metaphors describing intermediate steps in the shared vision process. Finally a slide with a group of stakeholders describe the final shared vision.

Each slide scene is created entirely with PowerPoint Shapes and Icons, allowing the user to fully customize their appearance to match the desired branding theme, or re use the shape in existing presentations.

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