SDLC Diagram PowerPoint Template

PPT SDLC Presentation Diagram
PPT SDLC Presentation Diagram
Presentation Slide Template - SDLC Diagram
PPT Slide Template for SDLC Presentation
Editable SDLC Presentation Template
Software Development Cycle Diagram for PPT Presentation
Editable SDLC Circular Presentation Diagram Template

Our SDLC Diagram PowerPoint Template is an editable presentation template to discuss the stages of the software development life cycle. The SDLC is a cyclic framework followed by software development teams to create high-efficiency software products. In other words, this project management model features the standard steps required to develop the software flawlessly. Companies apply this cycle to reduce the miss-orientation of efforts and less impactful utilization of resources. Professionals can use this SDLC diagram PowerPoint template to discuss their plans, resource allocation, and other key points with teams, stakeholders, or clients. 

The SDLC Diagram PowerPoint Template comprises seven template slides. The first slide shows a process diagram constituting six circular shapes arranged cyclically. These circles represent the stages of SDLC:

  • Planning & Analysis: Make a plan to develop the software product
  • Design: Create a design specification according to the client’s requirement
  • Implement: Implement and code for the desired software
  • Testing & Integration: Test the end product and integrate it into the system
  • Deployment: Release the product for practical use
  • Maintenance: Keep a check and provide assistance where required

This SDLC slide for PowerPoint has a multi-color theme, i.e., the circles have distinct color borders and carry editable description text in corresponding colors with shapes. Meaningful infographic icons are used within the shapes to communicate the concept visually. Following this diagram template, the template provides individual slides for discussing the stages. On these slides, the specific segment is indicated colored while the rest are greyed. In addition, a text note segment is added with each title to mention the presentation points. So, presenters can use these infographic slides for their professional discussions and planning. All slides are compatible with widescreen presentations using all PowerPoint versions, Google Slides and Keynote. Download & try our Software Development Life Cycle PowerPoint template now!

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