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SCORE Model PowerPoint Template – The SCORE acronym stands for Strengths, Challenges, Options, Responses, Effectiveness.

The SCORE Model is an alternative for the Traditional SWOT Analysis, based in the same principles. Its core is practically the same ,external and internal analysis for strategic planning, but the difference resides in the higher positivity of the SCORE Model. Instead of Weaknesses and Threats, the SCORE Model analyses Challenges, which are all the possible factors affecting the organization, and the rest of the concepts will focus on finding solutions to this issues.

The strategic thinking behind the model is to identify the challenges of achieving business objectives and analyze options the organization has to apply strengths and receive responses. This analysis has a temporal reasoning behind the scenes; it’s an evolution from the SWOT Analysis as it not only lists the factors, but also sequence them in order to reach the responses.

The main advantage of using SCORE is the ability to create a plan to succeed and modeling all forthcoming proposals accordingly.

The presentation template is 100% editable. Users can adapt the look & feel with traditional powerpoint features.

SCORE Analysts can apply the SCORE Model PowerPoint Template to describe the conclusions and strategic factors to be taken into account for the organization.

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