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The Scenario Analysis PowerPoint Template is a funnel shape process diagram for business strategies and management plan meetings. This template contains four funnel diagram designs and one process cycle diagram slide. These diagrams present multiple scenarios through red data lines to examine and evaluate different cases for the future. Further, the scenarios in funnel analysis PowerPoint will help create feasibility report for future projects. These scenario analysis templates are often used in financial planning and strategic modeling processes. Because finances require a tool to measure estimate change in value against favorable and unfavorable events. Therefore, the scenario analysis PowerPoint is suitable to explain value changes and possible outcomes over time.

The Scenario Analysis PowerPoint Template has four different versions of a horizontal funnel diagram. These templates are also useful in describing change, risk, and quality management models. The template can also be used to compare the current state vs a future state. The funnel diagram shows best- and worst-case scenarios as parameters, while red lines represent ideas. Furthermore, the arrow and red dot illustrate management decision points against assumed events. These graphics will help users describe the present and future states from discrete scenarios through simple graph diagrams. This analysis PowerPoint template provides text placeholders in all slides for adding important information and keynotes. Moreover, it is a fully editable PowerPoint template and users can change colors, text, size, and effect.
The PowerPoint template of scenario analysis is a controlling method to forecast future developments of the company. The business managers apply this tool during project planning, risk, and hostile events. Therefore, slides of scenario analysis can describe management’s solutions for development to investors through visual demonstration. Alternatively, you can download other scenario planning and analysis templates for presentations.

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