Risk Assessment Matrix PowerPoint Template

Matrix Template for Risk Assessment
PPT Template for Risk Assessment
Severity and Likelihood for Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment Matrix Template

Produce a report of impending risks through Risk Assessment Matrix PowerPoint Template. Hazard analysis and risk assessment are the basic quality control requirements for any industry or organization. Risk is defined as the likely breaching of the critical control points laid by the QC department. This risk assessment matrix is designed to present the likelihood of a hazardous event occurring and its severity.

The slide consists of a matrix layout design with a color-based Risk Rating key. The matrix slide has 2 variations concerning the placement of this rating key; one slide carries it on the right-hand side yet others on the top. The risk assessment matrix has two parameters in comparison, e.g., Likelihood and Severity. Likelihood parameter contains three degrees, namely: Improbable, Possible, and Probable which are arranged in 3 rows of the matrix. The Severity also has 4 values, e.g., Acceptable, Tolerable, Undesirable, and Intolerable. In between the header rows and columns (Severity and Likelihood), there are colored cells with numbers. These numbers represent the risk number, and the color denotes the risk rating according to the key.

So, by using this risk assessment template for presentations, companies and industries can create an analysis of: which risk is probable or possible or if it needs a certain action or not? The matrix helps to present the analysis in a clear and concise way, and the key decides the action according to the analyzed situation. Each matrix cell contains some text areas where the presenters can write down the essential points. For instance, in the risk rating key, in the section of High Risk, one can write the necessary actions which should be taken for such risks. The graphical icons in the rating key also explain the severity of the predicted risk.

Pharmaceutical, astrological, or other industries can utilize Risk Assessment Matrix PowerPoint Template and plan the necessary actions and use it for Risk Control. It finds its special application in impact analysis to support the quality assurance of any product or service. All the elements of this template slide are editable. The background color variation is also available, and it can also be changed. You can add, edit or remove any object using PowerPoint and Google Slides.

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