RAID PowerPoint Template

Editable Slide Template for RAID Model
Slide Template with Highlight on Risks - RAID Model
PowerPoint Editable Slide for  Actions in RAID Template
PowerPoint Template Slide for Spotlight on Issues Factor
Presentation Spotlight Slide for Decisions
PowerPoint Template Slide of RAID Log

The RAID PowerPoint Template provides editable charter slides to present various risks, planned actions, issues, and decisions of your project. RAID log is a project management tool that aims at describing the essential factors for your project or program, i.e.,

  • Risks: the potential concerns that can arise at any point of the project process
  • Actions: the planned steps for different milestones of the project
  • Issues: the actual problems that have occurred in a project
  • Decisions: particular decisions made according to the specific situation

This PowerPoint template has two layouts to present these categories of the RAID model. The first layout is a slide with four vertical columns representing one of the RAID components, i.e., Risks, Actions, Issues, and Decisions. The columns show a title, a representative bold capital letter, and an infographic icon. Users can also add a relevant description in each section. Each category column is highlighted one by one on the following slides of this layout. This structure enables the presenters to emphasize and discuss each RAID component individually. The graphic icons are appropriate for the categories, but users can easily replace them.

The second layout of the RAID PowerPoint Template is a RAID log matrix. It is a 5×8 matrix slide that mentions the category, description, impact, owner, priority, and columns. Users can mention various RAID categories along the editable rows. Presenters can prepare their customized RAID log based on the project activities and list them in this comprehensive model. The priority of each entity is represented through varying colors, i.e., pink is for critical, orange for high, and yellow for moderate.

Project managers and administrators can use these RAID template slides to prepare an action plan or report various activities during the project. The template is entirely editable and easy to customize. You can download and edit this PowerPoint template using all major versions of PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote.

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