Pyramid Diagram with 3 Levels for PowerPoint

Pyramid Diagram with 3 Levels for PowerPoint– a PowerPoint template with high-end pyramid shape for business presentations. The blue foreground is relaxing and stimulates focus to the actual discussion. It is quite casual which inhibits intimidation within the audience. This can surely help the user in maintaining an engaging environment.

The PowerPoint design is perfect in creating a 3-step model for business presentations. The Lean Startup methodology, for example, has 3 main components- Vision, Strategy and Product. This system differentiates the optimization tasks from the Pivot and Persevere tasks. The user can alter the contents and features of the layout quickly. The Office template has a fully customizable design. This makes the shapes reusable and creative. The presenter can personally enhance the style by changing the color scheme, fonts, background, etc.

The template contains a single slide. It has default title Pyramid Design on the top left portion. The triangle shape in the center is divided into 3 parts or levels of strategy. In the example, the bottom-most level carries the word Vision. The mid-level has the term Strategy entered on it. The top-most level has the Product variable of the Lean Startup model. The product level is incorporated to the idea of Optimization as seen on its right side. Strategy is related to the Pivot phase of the method. A vertical arrow is displayed on the outer left of the pyramid. It can indicate direction on how the process flows- ascending or descending.

A pyramid level diagram is used to highlight on the relationship and significance of every factor in the concept. The largest portion at the bottom symbolizes the biggest component. In a food pyramid for example, this part contains the staple food group.

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