Programming PowerPoint Template

PPT Slide Template for Programming Presentation
Editable PPT Slide for Peer Programming
PPT Slide Template for Software Quality Presentation
PowerPoint Slide Design for Dev Environment Presentation
Human Illustration Slide for Coder Illustration
PPT Slide Template for Code Editor
PPT Slide Template for Bug Tracking
Editable Test Management Slide with Symbols
PPT Slide Template for Senior Developer
PowerPoint Slide Design with Upward Arrows
Data Driven Bar Chart for Data Presentation
PowerPoint Presentation Slide with Charter
Editable Area Plot for Programming PowerPoint Template
Editable Ending Slide for Programming PPT Template

Our Programming PowerPoint Template is supported with modern graphical illustrations to demonstrate various programming and software concepts. Presenters can customize this slide deck based on demands for professional and educational purposes. The creative features used on these slides, i.e., coding & database symbols, screens, workstations, and professional characters’ illustrations, visually aid the presentation topic and are all copyable to other slides. Thus, with this programming PowerPoint template, presenters can display all the digital concepts before the audience. 

Programming is the base of every technology we see today. This Programming PowerPoint Template helps present some of the important aspects related to programming with visually descriptive graphical illustrations such as

  • Peer programming: The concept of peer programming (a mutual collaboration of two engineers in designing a code) is shown through two human characters discussing the details on one screen. 
  • Software quality: It involves monitoring defects and defining the quality attributes for the desired software. This idea is displayed through professional character and setting clipart symbols indicating the settings or quality checking.
  • Dev Environment: The slide for dev environments shows multiple screens indicating the concept of an integrated system for developing the source codes. 
  • Coder Profile: Similar to software quality, this process checks for the functioning of code that ensures its optimization.
  • Code editor: To showcase the code editor software, our template slide displays the visuals of a laptop screen and human hands. It portrays the assistance of code editors in developing a computer program.
  • Bug tracking: Two human characters are shown standing by an enlarged screen and magnifying glass. This slide can help discuss the idea of bug tracking and its importance in programming. 
  • Test management: Test management is carried out at each level to produce high-quality software end-products in agile management. This PPT slide shows screens and coding symbols to support this concept presentation.
  • Senior Developer: Presenters can use this slide to discuss the roles of senior or junior developers by adding relevant details in the text areas. 

These slides are 100% editable with text areas to insert the details. So, users can use this slide deck for mentoring and company introduction presentations. Presenters can also try our How to Code PowerPoint template for similar use cases. This PPT template is also compatible for editing with Google Slides and Keynote.

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