Procurement Lifecycle Circular PowerPoint Diagram

Presentation of Procurement Lifecycle
Concentric Circular Template for Procurement
Procurement Lifecycle Diagram Template

The Procurement Lifecycle Circular PowerPoint Diagram presents graphic illustration of supply management concepts. It is a circular diagram template of four processes in concentric loops. The management system of procurement handles the evaluation, selection and producing formal agreements with suppliers. It further deals with the ongoing supplier relationships for timely delivery of goods and services. This procurement lifecycle diagram in PowerPoint presents the workflow require to streamline supplier’s negotiations. And, the subprocesses ensure that negotiated price is enforced. There are six major segments of the procurement lifecycle. Such as spend analysis, strategic sourcing, contract management, requisition, purchasing, and payment. PowerPoint diagram of procurement lifecycle presents first three (source-to-contract) steps as a half circle. And, the next three components are part of procure-to-pay section.

In the Procurements Lifecycle Circular PowerPoint Diagram, source-to-contract and procure-to-pay are distinguishable through distinct colors. The two additional slides highlight these two parts of procurement cycle by graying out one part of the circle. The outer circle of chevron shapes presents suppliers i.e. source to pay. Then the two components as source-to-contract and procure-to-pay. Form the inner circle of 6 step procurement lifecycle, each process has additional 3-5 subprocesses.

  1. Spend Analysis: Gather spend data from accounts payable, analyses spend, determine compliance
  2. Strategic sourcing: Identify sourcing projects, identify suppliers, run sourcing events, evaluate response, select supplier
  3. Contract: Negotiate, execute, manage contract.
  4. Requisition: Search, create requisition, workflow
  5. Purchasing: POs, receipts, supplier performance
  6. Payment: Invoice receipt, reconciliation, payment settled.

The lifecycle diagram template of procurement management system can demonstrate the advanced software solutions. For instance, explain how the system can reduce supplier risk and be cost-effective at the same time. This template is a flat diagram design of editable chevron and operations shapes of PowerPoint. It could be used as a learning presentation for business and management studies. Or, the user can alter text and discuss the procurement plan and supplier contracts via visually graphic elements.

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