Process Diverging & Converging Arrows PowerPoint Template

Presentation of Converging and Diverging Diagram
PPT Convergent Divergent Arrows Template

The Process Diverging & Converging Arrows PowerPoint Template presents data input/output concepts. Converging means the data or substance going towards something (Input). In contrast diverging is represented by data going out of something (Output). The SlideModel catalog of PowerPoint diagram contains various templates of converging and diverging arrows. However, this presentation of processes has both ideas using two curved arrows with merging and diverging effect. These arrows merge at both converging and diverging points. It can explain two separate processes that take the same input values and produce a single outcome.

The Process Diverging & Converging Arrows PowerPoint Template provides two slides of different background color themes. Two gradient shades in curved arrows can help demonstrate the transformation of data through diverging and converging processes. Moreover, the clipart icons are places to create an infographic layout of the concept diagram. The users can replace these currency and dartboard icons with relevant graphics. They can also customize the colors and size of process diverging and converging diagrams.

The concepts of converging and diverging processes are useful in business discussions. For example, diverge is when individuals research, analyze, and generate ideas. On the other hand, converge is when they share those ideas and research among the team. This presentation diagram of diverging and converge arrows could be used for the theoretical concept of convergent and divergent thinking. Alternatively, you can download other slide decks and diagrams for PowerPoint including professionally-designed presentation templates for PowerPoint.

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