Process Diagram Infographic Template for PowerPoint

The Process Diagram Infographic Template for PowerPoint is a visual representation of process steps. The design of these slides is straightforward and based on a single roadmap line. This line begins from a start point and reaches up to the end where in between these points, it takes several turns. Each turn depicts a single event of a multistep process. There are some marked points on this line with placeholder icons that you can use to present the process infographic design.

The curves of the mainline and various checkpoints on its way to an end may represent different stages of process flow. Several ups and downs symbolize the continuity of the action. Stepwise business plans, agendas of a marketing campaign, and data analysis steps can be elaborated through this template. In general, you can represent the stages of process flow, task, or workflow. It can also be applied for showing three or four-point ideas.

There are two variations of this slide. Both of them differ in the interval between the consecutive checkpoints and the shape acquired by the graphical line. The presenters can use any of two alternate forms of each slide with dark and light backgrounds. The gradient color of the graphical line and the clipart icons play a role in catching the attention of the audience. The overall arrangement of PowerPoint objects makes this layout engaging. Alternatively, you can download other infographics slides and presentation templates for preparing good presentations in PowerPoint and Google Slides with visual slides.

The Process Diagram Infographic Template for PowerPoint helps organize the complex process steps in a simple format. It contains editable placeholder text and graphic icons. Presenters can download and customize this template to make engaging presentations. Alternatively, presenters can download other 5-step process templates for PowerPoint or process flow templates.

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