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Most Organizations imagine that our businesses fill a niche in the market, offering customers a unique product or service that is unobtainable anywhere but from it. However, reality will be that to  customers blends into each other: difference in their eyes being translated on mass to the market as a whole. It’s of paramount importance for a company’s CEOs and board of directors to realistically analyse their products and service and to determine (honestly) where they fall upon a map of industry movers and shakers.

The professionally designed PMS Map for PowerPoint template diagram is the perfect way for you to present this kind of information to your CEOs or board of directors – it’s even a great tool to use if you’re only teaching a set CEOs or board of directors about PMS maps. A PMS map is a crucial diagnostic tool that you can use to assess a company’s performance as a pioneer, migrator or settler. By plotting out a company’s projected revenue, product generation and service delivery you can analyse how these aspects affect your future growth. With this tool you can evaluate your performance in either the contested business or in a clear market, free of competition.

The PMS Map is a great Strategy tool to increase a company’s perceived value. The three product categories which you can use are:

  • Settlers: These are products which exist in a contested market and generally have little profit or growth potential; items like cars, white goods, service industries
  • Migrators: These are products that hold some value but are no longer innovative. These products typically bridge the gap between contested and uncontested markets and are often carry growth potential – providing some changes are made.
  • Pioneers: These products offer overwhelming growth and profit potentials. Laterally speaking these items are like no other market contenders and often are the influencers of next year’s settlers. Consider Apple, Nintendo and Amazon.

This PowerPoint template is entirely editable. All icons and images are formed composites of clip art icons freely available in all PowerPoint applications.

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