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Seed and Hand Shape for Growth
Plant Metaphor for Growth Presentations

The Plant Ideas Concept PowerPoint Template presents a growth concept through relatable plant metaphor. The tree and plant shapes are often used in business and management presentations to describe growth. Especially for financial growth and production-related topics. This template contains three slides with graphics to illustrate planting of seeds and sprouting. These graphics are vector-based PowerPoint shapes providing an outstanding visual aid to the audience. For example, hand shape pouring seed over soil germinating process and grown plant over soil. The first slide shows the process of seeds turning into a plant while an additional two slides display these separately. Further, these two slides contain cutout image placeholders to highlight graphics along with text placeholders. The users can easily edit shapes, clipart icons, and backgrounds. Because it is a fully editable PowerPoint template.

The Plant concept PowerPoint also useful for educational presentation to explain plant development. Since various parts of plant development contribute to overall growth. For instance, the roots from seed take minerals from soil. Whereas, stems support plant above ground as becoming carriers of minerals to leaves. This complete process of photosynthesis could be perfectly explained through creative graphics in a presentation slide show.

The Plant Ideas Concept PowerPoint Template is a useful presentation tool for both educational and business topics. The users can describe a wide variety of diagrams or models using plant or tree growth shapes in PowerPoint. The leafy plant illustrates financial profits. Therefore, this template is suitable to discuss monetary concepts of business through symbols. In this way, the audience can visualize exponential growth of business and heath of company.

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