PIGS Countries for PowerPoint Template

Political Map of the Four PIGS Countries
PowerPoint Map of Portugal With States Borders
Portugal PowerPoint Map with GPS Markers and Series Description
Portugal Map with Editable Barchart for Indicators Descriptions
Portugal Flag and Outline Map
Icons and Flags with the Portugal flag colors
Political PowerPoint Map of Italy with States
Italy PowerPoint Map with GPS Markers and Series Descriptions
Italy PowerPoint Map with Data Driven Barchart
Italy Outline PowerPoint Map with Flag Textbox
PowerPoint Flags and Icons Clipart with Italy Colors
Greece Political Outline Map
Greece PowerPoint Map with Marker Icons and Series Description
Data Driven Barchart Inidicators and Greece Map
Flag and Map of Greece
Greece PowerPoint Flags and Icons
Spain Political Map with State Borders for PowerPoint
Spain Map with Colored Markers matching Series Description
Data Driven Barchart with PowerPoint Map of Spain
PowerPoint Map and Flag of Spain
PowerPoint Flags and Icons with Spain Colors
PIGS Countries Cliapart Flags

PIGS Countries for PowerPoint Template is a presentation containing political outline maps, flags, icons and national colors of the countries represented by the PIGS acronym (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain).

PIGS is an acronym used in economics. Originating in the 1990s, the term, derived from the animal of the same name, now usually refers to the economies of PortugalIrelandGreece and Spain, four economies of Europe. The term is widely considered derogatory and its use was curbed by the specialized press.

This template contains 100% editable PowerPoint Maps, with different slides containing gps marker icons, national flags and icons and bar charts to represent countries indicators.


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