Periodic Table of Elements PowerPoint Template

Periodic Table of Elements PowerPoint Template is a presentation design template containing a periodic table of elements design. The template was created with shapes in PowerPoint, making it very easy to edit. The design is suitable to prepare presentations on chemistry. But the presentation template with an editable periodic table can also be used for presentations on educational topics such as science, physics, and STEM. The Periodic table PPT template for PowerPoint presentations can be used for scientific presentations or physicians working in a laboratory, or even to describe the alkali metals, and be used as a printed periodic table of elements.

The Periodic Table of Elements PowerPoint Template represents all the chemical elements discovered to date. The periodic table is also used as an electronegativity chart to present the electronegativity trends of elements. Electronegativity is the tendency for an atom of a given chemical element to attract shared electrons when forming a chemical bond.

One of the critical characteristics of any element is its electronegativity. The electronegativity values increase as we move along the period from left to right. While it decreases from top to bottom in a group. But the case is different for transition metals, and no general trend can be suggested for these elements. This electronegativity chart can be used to display and learn such trends. 

Every group of elements is represented through a specific color, e.g., Alkali metals are denoted by purple and transition metals by grey color, etc. As the slides progress, each slide of the template highlights one group while the rest of them are greyed. This effect can help present and discuss the characteristics of each group of elements one by one.

The Periodic Table of Elements PowerPoint Template is used for educational and scientific presentations. Researchers can use this electronegativity chart to present a character study of certain elements and explain their involvement in various scientific processes. A detailed presentation on the chemical industry and its phenomenon can also be represented through Chemical Industry Shapes Template. The colors shown in this periodic table are placeholders and can be changed according to one’s needs. You can also change the sequence of slides and add or remove any element from the group according to your topic. Each box and its components are 100% editable on PowerPoint and Google Slides.

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