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Editable People Management Skills Circular Diagram Slide
PowerPoint Template - People Management Skills Diagram
PPT Circular Diagram for People Management Skills
Editable People Management Skills Template Diagram for PPT

Our People Management Skills PowerPoint Template features a circular diagram to present the eight essential skills for good people management. People management refers to practicing certain rules to develop a productive working environment. These skills also promote a peaceful, professional setting in which the employees feel coherent and thus work for a common motive. These skills or principles are actively considered and enacted by leaders and managers. We have created this editable diagram for discussing these skills with the management teams and leaders. Users can also discuss the benefits of these people management skills in organizational and business growth. 

The People Management Skills PowerPoint Template contains two slides with a slight change in design features. Both slides are provided in two background color options (white and black). The template diagram is an eight-segment donut shape chart, where each component represents a skill. The skills are:

  • Inspire: motivate and encourage others
  • Develop: help others to develop themselves personally 
  • Support: support the team members when they’re having a trouble
  • Involve: stay involved in activities to increase their trust 
  • Recognize: recognize and appreciate the efforts or specialties
  • Manage: plan and manage the activities according to capabilities
  • Lead: lead with proper insight and keep the activities aligned with the strategy and goals
  • Know: know what deficiencies are there in the system or members and try to improve them

The core element shows the title and sequential numberings with every circle component. On the first slide, the segments are shown as fully color-filled. In contrast, in the second design, only the internal boundaries and numbering labels have distinct colors. Users can choose either slide to use in their presentations. Presenters can conveniently edit the slides using all PowerPoint versions, Google Slides, and Keynote. In addition to presenting the people management skills, users can also re-purpose the slides for other presentation topics and models. So, download and speed up your presentation preparation with this ready-to-use PPT template!

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