Organizational Values PowerPoint Slides

The Organizational Values PowerPoint Slides is a presentation template and slide design that can be used to describe four core values within an organization.

Organizational values are the ethics or principles which the company will abide by, no matter what. The core values inspire employee’s while at the same time constrain their actions.  This template can be used as part of an IPO model by providing a strategic planning PowerPoint slide suitable for family businesses when they want to go public. The organizational value matrix diagram captures the yin and yang of family and business obligations. This model template considers four common traits that every family business has in common called the DNA of the family enterprise. These traits are: Value, Family, Assets, and Business. Each slide of organization values business presentation PowerPoint templates focus on detailing the company core values using an appealing infographic layout.

The organizational value template can be customized for different business purposes and applications. Let’s say an agricultural farm family business can use corporate PowerPoint templates to highlight purpose, community, and governance as a part of company values. The family column can be used to display family legacy and succession. The assets part involves risk, management, and wealth of business. The business segment can display organizational values to discuss growth and capital agenda. These four components give insights into an organization’s core values and help make decisions about going public.

To balance obligations of family and business, the IPO model helps uphold the family legacy with structured involvement. On the other hand, advanced management mechanisms result in better business performance while maintaining company values.

The organizational value PowerPoint slides help demonstrate how family business benefits from opening business to the public. The use of IPO model corporate presentation templates let user strategize and make decisions easily. Four components of the initial public offering are useful designing shareholders structure and organizational culture.

Alternatively, the diagram with four quadrants is suitable to prepare other kinds of presentations requiring to show four components within a slide. For example, it can represent a SWOT slide design by providing Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, and then replacing the Family & Business in the core by the words SWOT.

The PowerPoint diagram for organizational values is a combination of gradient design PowerPoint backgrounds and infographic layouts. You can incorporate these company presentation templates by changing PowerPoint themes professional colors and backgrounds. The editable PowerPoint for business presentations can be copied to Google Slides Templates for long-distance presentations.

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