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PPT Diagram Organizational Maturity Model
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5 Level Organizational Maturity Model Concept

The Organizational Maturity Model PowerPoint Template presents four diagram designs derived from the capability maturity model. The organizational culture is a set of rules, routines, and norms about how things are done in the organization. The culture of an organization can be different from its state of maturity. The organizational maturity model helps assess the difference and improve the process. The 5 steps PowerPoint diagram templates for the organizational maturity model provide descriptive designs of five stages. These stages include initiation, management, defining, quantitatively managed, and optimization. Users can choose their desired layout of 5 steps diagram according to presentation theme or textual content.

An organizational maturity model is a management tool to assess the performance of person, group, or unit. It is a guiding method for identifying issues and improving strategies in an existing system. 5 levels of maturity model represent a level of effectiveness. People pass through the sequence of levels as they become more capable. The core idea of a maturity model is to seek improvement in the process or system constantly. The maturity model PowerPoint templates provide a visual aid to discuss ideas for growth and improvement of an organization. You can use 5 steps diagram template to discuss solutions and outcomes at every stage of this model. In this Organizational Maturity Model template you can find the following useful slides:

  • Organizational Maturity Model pyramid slide with 5 levels
  • Multi-level Organizational Maturity Model slides
  • Horizontal Organizational Maturity Model slide

The Organizational Maturity Model PowerPoint Template with five bar slide lets you add information in bullet points. It is the most used diagram layout to present the maturity model for a business. Alternatively, you can describe performance assessment and plans using 5 level pyramid diagram leading to ultimate optimization. The slide with clipart icons helps visualize the subject headings using graphic content.

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