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Online Sales Funnel Metaphor Shapes for PowerPoint

The Online Sales Funnel Metaphor Shapes for PowerPoint is a professional presentation featuring a sales funnel of onlines purchases. The sales funnel metaphor is a recognized business visualization of how customers traverse each of the sales stages of the customer buying journey. On the top of the funnel the circumference is wide. All the possible prospects acquired are considered at the top of the funnel. When the customer reaches the following stage in the sales process, it moves inside the funnel. On each stage transition, prospects are moved into a next stage into the buying journey, and others leave the process. The metaphor of a thinner circumference for each stage maps to the idea that on each stage, less and less customers move through the buying journey.

The online retail business has become a mainstream sales channel. Sales Managers, Marketing Professionals and Business owners are constantly analyzing their online sales metrics, trying to understand where they can optimize their sales funnel. Sales Funnels are created to better understand the customers and their needs. Customer purchase intent and needs are different in each stage of the funnel. Calls to action, promotions, and general marketing techniques not only depend on the persona analysis of the customer, but also , in which stage of the funnel it is placed.

Sales Funnel metaphors are also applied for conversion analysis. Digital marketers define conversion goals through the purchase process in websites and mobile applications. When each conversion goal is reached, a new stage of the funnel is assigned. With this measurement process, digital marketers are able to better understand the behaviour of users in website and which optimization techniques they can apply.

In this presentations we provide professional PowerPoint Shapes to describe a sales funnel. The funnel cliparts are created using 100% editable PowerPoint objects. The user can adapt the shapes colors , effects and general appearance to match those of the presentation theme. The templates is created with ease of use in mind. Users will find extremely easy to adapt the shapes and achieve professional design results with little effort.

Present your online sales funnel conclusions to your executives with this professional metaphor shapes for PowerPoint that appeal to global audiences. Alternatively, you can download other sales funnel templates for PowerPoint & Google Slides presentations, including a free funnel PPT template.

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