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Showcase a network association of the constellation KPIs for your north star metric using our North Star Metric PowerPoint Template. Every company and business set a guiding north star metric to bring alignment in the functioning and struggle of constituent departments. So, a north star metric is a target that is cumulatively achieved through putting in many efforts. A company, for instance, has a north star metric of increasing annual sales. After setting this target, all the team members from various units, i.e., sales, marketing, production, and supply, will work together to enhance the sales. Hence, a north star metric is affected by several KPIs from different pathways that individually affect one of its dimensions, i.e., depth, frequency, performance, and width.

Our North Star Metric PowerPoint Template is an editable diagram showing this hierarchy from the product initiatives to KPIs, the dimensions they affect, and finally, the north star metric. This flow diagram is simple in structure and available in three color variations. It has four vertical columns and four rows. The first column or section shows the four rectangular blocks(rows) of product initiatives. Similarly, the second and third columns have oval blocks representing the KPIs and Dimensions. The constituent blocks of one row are all attached via a thin horizontal line that finally bends towards the terminal block of the North Star metric. This way, all the four lines end up near the North star depicting the overall impact of all sub-metrics on the main North Star metric.

Presenters can download this template and represent their north metric and the factors that affect it through this schematic diagram. This diagram is used in different cases, e.g., executives can specify a standard for their teammates or represent a summary of activities within a time to show how various product initiatives affected their north star metric. However, users can customize this model according to specific requirements. All the segments and blocks are entirely editable, carrying text areas. Presenters can also alter the color scheme and other designs to match their theme.

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