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The NFT PowerPoint template portrays the idea of Non-fungible Tokens, which are digital currency assets representing real-world objects, e.g., artwork or real estate. Unlike cryptos, i.e., bitcoin or ether, which are exchangeable for each other, the NFTs are dissimilar and carry unique metadata and codes on the blockchain. As the name shows, the non-fungible nature of NFTs further makes them secure for commercial transactions. So, this NFT PowerPoint template portrays the features and conceptual details of the NFT blockchain using infographics and human visuals. Users can download and use these slides in their financial or fintech presentations.

Different thematic slides in this NFT PPT template present how the real-world objects and artwork are transformed into digital ones. For instance, the first slide of the template show artist’s human character painting a design on the board sitting in front of the mobile. It represents the digitalization of art to become a non-tangible entity carrying some value. Similarly, the same idea is portrayed using human visuals in the next two slides, exchanging physical picture boards with NFT. Generally, NFTs are the digital forms of physical assets, and they can be either a picture, video, a music slip, etc. The following slides present this idea through various diagrams: screen showing infographic visuals of audio, video, and picture and isometric illustration with symbols. There are two similar slides that can help present various forms and selling channels for NFTs.

Presenters can discuss the differences between the fungible and non-fungible tokens through another slide of this NFT PowerPoint Template. Here the infographic icons of fungible (cryptocurrency, currency, and jewels) and non-fungible (NFTs: digital representation of assets) are shown along the two sides of the divided slide. Users can effectively differentiate between the two forms of assets through visual communication. In addition, there are two data-driven editable chart slides to demonstrate trends and statistics about the NFT blockchain. This PPT template is entirely editable. Presenters can incorporate the slides in their presentations or use the graphical diagrams according to the requirements. Alternatively, presenters can download other blockchain PPT templates and presentation slides related to crypto and blockchain technology.

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