Net Promoter Score Diagram for PowerPoint

The Net Promoter Score Diagram for PowerPoint is a marketing concept design template. It illustrates net promoter score calculation with the help of graphics. This template is an outstanding management tool to measure consumer’s brand loyalty. By definition, the net promoter score is an index that calculates customer’s willingness to recommend company’s products/ services to others. It also measures overall customer’s satisfaction on products or services. But this measurement of satisfaction relies on single question. Such as “on scale of 0-10, how likely would you recommend this product to a friend or colleague?”. The user ratings are further classified into 3 categories, detractors, passives, and promoters. These categories enable business analysts to understand sales and improve processes by focusing on customer experience.

The PowerPoint template of Net Promoter Score diagram contains three slides to describe 3 categories of concept. Here, firs slide provides an overview of all three segments of net promoter scores. Whereas, the additional two slides highlight calculations of net promoter formula i.e. promoter% – detractors% = Net Promoter Score. The template display silhouette customer groups to visualize feedback concepts.

The Net Promoter Score Diagram for PowerPoint is a collection of infographics and icons to visualize measuring scale. This scale assists audience to focus on three outcomes of customer feedback with the help of color variations. The presenter can change colors, backgrounds, or add more elements to complement business presentation. Alternatively, download a complete selection of NPS diagrams in Net Promoter Scores PowerPoint for both customers and employee feedback.

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